Superfoods = Super-kids

Getting your kid to eat healthy without whining or hearing gagging sounds as soon as they see the color green is a common battle during mealtimes for many families. Winter is an adventurous eater and for the most part will eat her green veggies and fruits, but lately it has been hard for to introduce new foods, especially green colored ones. Whenever I️ can, I️ try to sneak in spinach or zucchini in her foods, and she won’t complain (too much.) I️ tried hiding some kale into her favorite curry dish, but the “rough” texture and “bitter” flavor made my sneaky maneuver very apparent, and the pieces of kale were tossed aside like, well kale… I️ ate them and made grandiose gestures and comments on how yummy it was and that I️ could feel myself getting stronger. My kid wasn’t buying it. I was willing to try anything to get my kids to eat healthy and nutritious, so that they will make good food choices when they get older.

Another mom friend and fellow blogger, Ruby at Westsidemommy gave us an opportunity to try a new frozen spirulina algae by SP2 Superfoods I was ecstatic. This couldn’t have come at a better time for us, I had powdered spirulina before, but never had a flash-frozen kind. SP2 flash freezes their spirulina to maintain the nutritional value and benefits, that can get lost during the drying process.

Spirulina can really be called a superfood, it contains protein; spirulina is 65% protein, vitamin b1, iron, and calcium; 26 times more than milk. If those stats don’t impress you, then I don’t know what will. What impressed me was that my kids actually ATE IT!

I made a smoothie with choke full of antioxidant fruits, and August was all about it. Winter took an obligatory taste, but beyond that…Nada. I was a little defeated, then I had a lightbulb moment; peanut butter and jelly sandwich! No kid can resist one! So I ninja’d a peanut butter and jelly with some spirulina in the jelly. I used their favorite raspberry preserves, and added about a teaspoon in there. It made the jelly a little darker, and Winter was none the wiser. The taste test, I was on bated breath, and when she took the first bite and didn’t make a face. She just did her happy PB&J dance. She questioned it, only after she saw her brother’s face when his jelly stained his face a little green. But it didn’t phase her, because it was the beloved classic sandwich. VICTORY!!

My (ingeniously sneaky) method made my kids one step closer to becoming Super-kids, so does that make me a Super-mom? Maybe. If I keep making smoothies with the SP2 Superfoods’ spirulina, I just might.

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