Recipe: Curry Pan

Every meal is a challenge for me, especially if I don’t have a particular craving, or if my husband and/or daughter give me the same answer of, “I don’t know,” when I ask them what they’d like to eat. Actually I lied, Winter always says, “Noodles,” but there’s only so much noodles you can eat before you say, “ok, that’s enough.”

Cooking shows; the rare chance I get to watch something other than the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon, or food-related animes are shows I draw inspiration from. This particular time, I was browsing through Facebook and a short video of this amazing anime called, Restaurant from Another World (episode 11), came on. It showed a clip of one of the patrons eating Curry pan. I was hooked, who doesn’t love the crispy, crunchy texture of fried bread with a savory curry to balance out the texture. Crunchy on the outside, soft and mealy on the inside. HEAVEN~~~~

I have never made curry pan before, but browsing through multiple recipes and watching a video of how to make them. It seemed doable for a novice like me. Plus Winter could help me roll out the dough, it’s like playing with clay. So I figured it’s Friday, let’s experiment! I wanted to have the dough to be a little sweeter to balance out the slightly spicy and super savory filling. Here’s the recipe I created:
Japanese deep-fried curry bread


1.5 tsp active dry yeast

1 tbs brown sugar

1/2 tbs granulated sugar

1/4 cup lukewarm warm

2 tbs unsalted butter (melted & cooled)

3 cups all-purpose flour

3/4 cup room temperature water

1/4 cup lukewarm milk

2 tbs honey

1/4 tsp pink himalayan salt
1 egg beaten with 1 tbs of water

panko (as much as you need)

3/4lb ground beef*

1 cup yukon gold potato peeled and diced

1/2 cup carrot peeled and diced

1/2 cup onion diced

1/2 cup lacinato kale diced

1/4 cup frozen spinach 

1 small tomato diced

1 cup water

1 tsp garlic powder 

4 cubes of House Vermont curry roux (HOT)*

1 tbs gelatin grass-fed, organic*

2 tbs water*

ghost chili powder* 

charcoal powder*

In a large pan heat up a little olive oil to coat the pan. Add the onions and carrots and sauté for a couple minutes. Add the ground beef and cook until half the beef is browned. Then add the potatoes, cook until the the beef is all browned. Add the water and bring to a boil, then simmer with a lid on for 10 minutes. 

Turn the heat off, add the kale and the curry roux. Stir until all combined. Turn on the heat to low and simmer the curry until the potatoes are soft, but not mushy. Add the frozen spinach. Bloom the gelatin in water for a few minutes. Then add the gelatin to the curry, mix until combined. Turn off the heat and cool. 

To make the dough activate the yeast in the warm water with the brown sugar and granulated sugar. Let it bloom for 10 minutes. 

Melt the butter and add the salt. Once the yeast blooms; add the honey, lukewarm milk, and room temperature water. 

Add the flour and knead the dough in the bowl until it all combines. Once combined, plop the dough ball onto a lightly floured surface for 10 minutes to build the gluten. The dough will become less sticky, and smooth to the touch. Lightly coat the dough with a little bit of olive oil and place into a bowl, cover with plastic wrap and place in an area without a draft and is warm. Like an oven or microwave oven. Let the dough proof for 90 minutes. 

After the dough has its first proof, punch it down and knead again on a lightly floured for 2 minutes. Then oil, wrap and proof the dough again for 60 minutes. Once the dough proofs a second time, roll out the dough into a large ball. Cut the dough into six pieces with a pastry cutter, then cut the dough so you have 12 pieces. Roll the dough pieces into a small ball and with a rolling pin, roll out the dough to a 2” circle. Add about 1.5-2tbs of the curry. (Make sure that the curry is cooled and it is on the drier side. If not, you risk the filling oozing out during the fry process and it will be a splatter-y mess.)

Then pinch the dough pieces to close the circle. Place the pinched ends on a flat surface to seal it, let rest for about a minute. Repeat until all 12 dough pieces are stuffed. 

At this time, if you want to make super spicy curry pans, you can sprinkle the ghost chili powder in the dough. 

Coat the stuffed curry dough balls with the egg wash, then place the egg washed dough into the panko. Then fry in oil that’s been heated to 375 degrees for 2-3 minutes on each side. 

Cool on a wire rack with some brown paper bags and paper towels on the bottom. Try to be patient and wait at least 7-10 minutes, otherwise you’ll burn your mouth. Not that that happened to me or anything. 🤐

I sprinkled on top of the super spicy curry pans with a bit of charcoal powder to differentiate between the regular and spicy. I didn’t want Winter to accidentally eat the wrong ones. 

*You can substitute or exclude these ingredients to make it friendly for your diet. The House Curry roux contains milk products, so if you want this recipe to be vegan, substitute for curry powder and garam masala. I add the gelatin to help the curry firm up during the cooling process and it’s easier to shape the curry into a ball. 

Substitute the meat with whatever you like, ground turkey for a healthier option or diced cauliflower or broccoli for a vegan option.

I found a great article to create a vegan “egg-wash” for frying. Check it out here: Gaper’s block

I hope you enjoy making it! It was fun and not as hard as I thought it was going to be. So get your fry on! 

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